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Sugar Hill Elementary School

Think Together

My name is Linda McAllister and I am the Site Coordinator for Think Together Expanded Learning Time Program at Sugar Hill Elementary.  I have been in the position of Site Coordinator effective July 1, 2019 for 8 years.


Over 20 years, Think Together has built a road map to support student success. Curriculum and activities are aligned with what students are learning during the academic school day. Each program is designed using data-driven solutions to help kids reach proficiency and achievement levels necessary to progress through school and prepare for college and career.

My goal is to keep every student safe, (mentally and physically) giving my parent peace of mind, and allowing our students to have fun.

For the safety of our students, the Think Together program will align with the school day by operating as a closed campus. During the after school hours, the gate will be locked at all times. The Site Coordinator/ Staff will be available to unlock the gate for parents at the times listed in our Gate Policy attached below.